Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review of Semi-Permanent Hair Rinses - Silk Elements versus Bigen

The hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Both women and men alike are concerned with the appearance of their hair. Whether it be long, short, thin, full, chemically altered or enhanced with weave extensions or toupee's. Hair embodies the characteristics of each individual. It is the first thing we see when we look at a person and then we notice the teeth; well at least I do. Even Chris Rock was puzzled by what women of color have had to endure while maintaining their hair. It is all day project in some of the salons owned by women of color and it is the epicenter of our communities. However, now we have gotten wiser and have begun hair journeys that have allowed us to care for our own hair not just on a weekly basis sitting in the salon for half a day. We have educated ourselves in what ingredients are healthy for maintaining hair growth, and moisture. Now we see hundreds of products on the market specifically for women who no longer want to relax their hair. I myself prefer to relax my hair. It is how I have worn my hair for years.

Since my hair is relaxed, I am an avid user of semi-permanent hair rinses. I have tried almost every type of hair rinse on the market from Clairol's Beautiful Collection to KISS colors. Originally when I began this hair journey of mine, I became so attached to keeping my hair color jet black. The original color of my hair is red. Funny thing is, that over time my hair color began to change on its own. Not really becoming jet black but that is the color that I've always wanted to achieve.

The two manufacturers that I have recently did an A/B testing on are Bigen's semi-permanent hair rinse in Jet Black, and Silk Elements Mega Silk semi-permanent jet black rinse as well. Let me just say that I really liked both of these rinses because neither of them took a long time to process.

After putting in the Bigen rinse, I noticed that the base color is red. While putting the color in my hair, my gloves and plastic cap even had the red tint all over. After the processing time was completed and my hair was dried and wrapped, I was pleased with the outcome of my hair. Here are the pros and cons that I realized after a few days.

1. Rinses do not last long - that's why they're called rinses
2. Rinses can change the hair color to green, gold or even reddish in tint (be sure to check the base color)
3. Rinses can began to change even before your next wash
4. Rinses cost less
5. Processing time is shorter than permanent color

After relaxer and Silk Elements rinse

In the photo above, my hair has been freshly washed and rinsed with Silk Elements Semi-Permanent hair rinse. I was extremely pleased with how my hair took to the color and the vibrancy of the jet black shown on each strand of hair. The original texture of my hair prior to relaxing is 4a - kinky, curly. I love the way my hair feels after a fresh wash but I am even more ecstatic when my rinse takes very well to my hair. 

Silk Element hair rinses can be found on The Sally stores in my area no longer carry them. For a detailed list of the ingredients in this product please click on the link below. 


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